What does it take to be a Honey's Handmade Brand Ambassador/Influencer (HHBA)?

We are currently looking for insightful, motivated, creative and hair enthusiasts who know the value of natural hair maintenance - in and out - of the salon. All HHBA's must have a confirmed PayPal account.

We chose individuals based on their enthusiasm about health and beauty. We are seeking consumers both locally and virtually; but most importantly how you impact natural hair community. Your social influence and social media presence plays a key role in our final consideration for being an Ambassador/Influencer.


  • Right to use official Honey's Handmade-Logos, name to promote Sponsorship according to terms of final contract agreement

  • Images of brand ambassador endorsing Honey's Handmade products will be used accordingly to promote the brand and increase Honey's Handmade audience through exposure on several social media platforms including and not limited to Instagram, Website, Facebook, Magazines, & print ads.

  • Payment to the Brand Ambassador Monies according to terms of final contract agreement to help cover cost of events, training or other related expenses.

  • Free products including "New Collections" before everyone else

  • Bragging rights.

  • Share exclusive discounts and special offer codes that you can give out to your friends and family. We will send you insider deals that you can share via social media (e.g., Facebook & Twitter).

  • Earning potential – Share your exclusive discount code and individuals who use that code on honeyshandmade.com; you’ll earn a (%) percentage of their total purchases for as long as you remain a Ambassador/Influencer of Honey's Handmade. Payment based on the payment schedule according to the terms of the final contract agreement.

We receive various inquires for the ambassador/influencer request and are actively evaluating every applicant carefully. If our team finds you have the potential for being apart of our brand, we will get in touch with you with next steps. 




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