Valiencia A, Founder

Valiencia A., is the Founder and CEO of Honey’s Handmade, Inc.

She is an Endometriosis Survivor and Activist, Naturalista and Healthcare Professional by day. Valiencia, decided to launch the business after suffering many health challenges and transitioning to a more natural lifestyle.

She and her son, Ernest have worked very hard building the brand since the very beginning. She has learned so much about ingredient education and natural beauty from the inside out since launching the brand. Her desire is to spread her knowledge globally with other individuals on a natural path. Valiencia wears many hats along with entrepreneurship. She also serves as a mentor in her professional realm. She also volunteers with the Endometriosis Foundation nationally when her schedule permits. She is heavily engaged in educating women/girls about this disease and its affects. Finding a cure for this disease is something that has a great deal of passion about.
She recently authored her very own memoir called “I got a story to tell”. This memoir goes into great detail about her personal fight with endometriosis. Her most favored title of all is-- Mother. She is very family oriented and enjoys spending time with loved ones.
Valiencia A, Founder


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